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Compressport Triathlon Under Control Women's ShortsCombining compression with breathability and supreme comfo…

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Compressport Triathlon Under Control Women's ShortsCombining compression with breathability and supreme comfort, the Triathlon Under Control Shorts use multiple technologies providing you with premium performance to make those extra seconds count. Compression and support are guaranteed, as the shorts have millimetre-precision compression graduation. This will bring oxygen to muscles, which will enhance performance and recovery. As well as this, the compression will stimulate blood circulation, helping to fade out toxins that could cause tiredness and fatigue. The tightness of the shorts will also mean that shocks are absorbed by 30% and vibrations are reduced by 25%. The Ergo-Fit of the shorts will personalise the shorts to your individual body shape, which will maximise efficiency and comfort, reducing the risk of irritation by rubbing and chafing. A massaging fiber will further improve comfort, as every movement triggers a micromassage, providing well-being and lightness.
As you begin to sweat in the shorts, the material uses Hydrophobic, a water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. This will mean that there will be no more uncomfortable, heavy, damp clothing that irritates and does not dry. Completely seamless within the shorts, this will provide optimum lightweight and soft comfort. Using a unique sewing technique developed by Compresssport, the shorts use Flat Lock. This will guarantee maximum comfort and solidity in the seams of the shorts. It will prevent any chafing even during long distance races. Vital for comfort on the bike, the shorts have a Pro Pad. This high-quality pad will not get crushed by heavy impacts, maintaining its cushioning and breathable benefits over long stints on the bike. Supreme grip is also guaranteed, keeping you firmly in place on your bike.
Surrounding the waist, the shorts have a V-Shape Belt. This will provide maximum comfort to the abdominal muscle whilst also providing great support by absorbing shocks in the lower back. The V shape around the waist will prevent any pressure on the stomach for optimal comfort. Store small energy gels and bars in the Pick Pockets, which are easy to reach and have been designed to prevent any bouncing. They also prevent unnecessary twisting and help you conserve energy to stay focused on your stride.
About Compressport
Since the launch of their first R2 calf sleeves in 2008, they work everyday for this consuming passion that Compressport has become. Passion in training, passion for extreme races, passion to push the limits. Passion goes along with deep respect for YOU, professional athletes that lead the way in performance and age group athletes who are out there everyday juggling between their family and work commitments and their passion for sport. Passion for the quest of the perfect product…Always looking for more improvement, more preciseness, more exclusivity.
Coming from a medical research background and specialist in sports compression, Compressport's range of products is like no other. Combining the highest technologies with the latest trends is their aim to always innovate and surprise their athletes.
Millimetre Precision Compression – Brings oxygen to tired muscles.
Stimulated Circulation – Removes toxins that cause fatigue keeping you going for longer.
Shock Absorbing – Shocks absorbed by 30% and vibrations reduced by 25%.
Ergo-Fit – Personalised body mapping will improve comfort.
Massaging Fibre – Feels soft on the skin.
Hydrophobic – Water-repelling fibre wicks moisture away efficiently.
Seamless – Removes the risk of irritation by rubbing and chafing.
Flat Lock – Maximises comfort and solidarity in the seams of the shorts.
Pro Pad – High-quality pad ensures comfort on the saddle.
V-Shape Belt – Provides muscle support and prevents pressure on the stomach.
Pick Pockets – Easy to store items for quick access.
Material Composition – 69% Polyamide, 31% Elastane
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Product Type:Compression
Product Type:Shorts
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