Womens Road Running | Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield Running Shoes Black

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield Women's Running Shoes Make wet-weather runs a daily habit with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield. Your workhorse…

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield Women's Running Shoes
Make wet-weather runs a daily habit with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield. Your workhorse with wings uses a warm upper that's finished with a weatherized coating.
Coated Knit Upper
Crafted from knit material, the upper is like a warm, dry jacket for your feet, keeping them toasty in cold and wet weather conditions. Skins around the toes are placed in areas where water can traditionally seep in to prevent water ingress, helping to keep you dry. The back of the tongue is also insulated, so the tops of your feet stay comfortable without lace pressure irritating them. The upper is coated with a treatment to help keep you dry, preventing rain water from entering the shoe whilst simultaneously allowing moisture and vapour build-up from inside the shoe to escape so you stay fresh and focussed. A gusseted tongue adds another layer of defence against the elements, blocking out adverse weather conditions as well as any debris on the road. A traditional lacing system helps anchor the shoe to your foot secure, so you have greater stability and control.
React Midsole
A full-length platform of React cushioning resides underfoot to deliver feathery durability plus smooth responsiveness. To produce this startlingly lightweight and springy midsole, crafted from synthetic rubber, Nike listened to the voice of the athlete. Their in-house sports research lab plugged footstrike data into a proprietary algorithm that determined how much cushioning was needed where. They simulated testing on approximately one hundred possible shoe geometries to quickly determine the handful they knew would work best for most runners and then merged the science with an elegant design, intended to feel like a slipper on a mattress. The reactive nature of this clever midsole material means it absorbs impact and then expels it back out for a bounce-like effect. This energy-return technology reduces the use of superfluous muscle power, diminishing fatigue and enhancing performance, keeping you going for longer. Soft, generous and substantial, React will spare your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving concrete and infuse every stride with the kind of zealous power that is often elusive in the running world. Embedded within the generous React platform, and complementing its reactive nature, is a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot. This low-profile midsole feature combines pressurised air with internal fibres to deliver responsive cushioning that springs back fast, so you can move faster. Twice as big as previous versions, the unit delivers more bounce with every step. It's top-loaded to be closer to your foot for better responsiveness as you move through the gait cycle.
Storm-Tread Outsole
The Storm-Tread outsole provides excellent traction in wet weather conditions. It features textures inspired by all-winter tires, so you know they can tackle whatever weather your run takes you into. Micro grooves grab the road, while multidirectional shapes help shed water for direct contact with the pavement, helping you to find traction and grip for an ultra-responsive, confident run – no matter the conditions.
About Nike
Their mission: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.
*If you have a body, you
an athlete.
NIKE, Inc. fosters a culture of invention. They create products, services and experiences for today's athlete while solving problems for the next generation. Nike has three strategic aims to guide their work: minimise their environmental footprint, transform manufacturing and unleash human potential.
Focusing on energy, chemistry, water and waste, Nike go deep into the supply chain to understand their impacts and identify strategies to use less, use better and use again. Nike are not only transforming what products they make, but also how they make them through new technology and sustainable labour innovation. They are delivering performance products with contract factories that invest in placing highly skilled, engaged and valued workers at the centre. Nike's mission is what drives them to encourage every person to reach their full potential, whether it's on the track, field or court, at work or at home. Nike strive to help people be active and engaged, fully participating in the world around them.
Coated Knit Upper – Keeps you warm and dry, allowing sweat to escape but preventing water from entering externally.
Protective Skins – Placed in areas that traditionally may seep in water to prevent water ingress.
Insulated, Gusseted Tongue – Cushions feet from lace pressure, keeps feet warm and provides additional weather protection.
Traditional Lacing System – Secures shoes to feet comfortably.
React Foam Midsole – Delivers lightweight, durable and extremely responsive cushioning.
Zoom Units – Placed under the forefoot to enhance responsiveness.
Storm-Tread Outsole – Delivers incredible traction in we weather conditions.
Additional Information
Features:Water Resistant
Product Type:Shoes
Type:Cushioned / Neutral
Shoe Width:B
Brand: Nike products


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