Womens Hiking | Merrell Icepack 2 Bluff Polar Waterproof Walking Boots Camel

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Merrell Icepack 2 Bluff Polar Waterproof Women's Walking Boots This ankle-high bootie is fully seam-sealed with waterproof suede leather uppers to keep you protected from the element…

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Merrell Icepack 2 Bluff Polar Waterproof Women's Walking Boots
This ankle-high bootie is fully seam-sealed with waterproof suede leather uppers to keep you protected from the elements. Equipped with a 50% recycled EVA insole for all-day confidence and comfort, while our faux fur collar, fleece lining, and Merrell insulation keep you warm and toasty.
Waterproof Suede Leather Upper
Surrounding the upper of the Icepack 2 is a waterproof suede leather upper. The waterproof nature of the upper avoids wet and rainy conditions for seeping into the boots, allowing the water to shed off the upper therefore keeping your feet dry and comfortable. The seam-sealed construction of the boot will block all moisture from entering the boots that could cause discomfort and damage, acting as another barrier to prevent moisture from entering the boot and coming into contact with the feet. It will, however, allow moisture from within the shoe to escape out of it, as well as allow air in and out. This will mean that your feet will be able to stay cool and ventilated by a constant flow, maintaining the conditions for exceptional comfort. Thick and sturdy material surrounds the toes and heel, which will provide you with protection from any knocks and stability to keep you in a firm and upright position. A slip-on closure makes it easy to secure the boots to a comfortable fit and enables easy taking off and putting on of the boots. A bellows tongue sits comfortably on the ankle and will keep all debris and dirt out. Lastly, the Icepack 2 feature a fleece lining and faux-fur collar for added warmth.
Lightweight EVA Foam Midsole
The midsole has been constructed using EVA foam to ensure long-lasting comfort and increased cushioning. EVA within the midsole offers supreme cushioning and support to key areas like the arch and heel, holding the foot securely in place for a smoother transition and wear. By supporting these key areas of the foot, the midsole material can also help to offer enough support to help prevent discomfort and possible injury. A molded nylon arch shank provides additional support to ensure a comfortable yet stable step.
Rubber Outsole
The Merrell rubber outsole provides unparalleled traction on dry, wet and icy surfaces even in the most extreme winter conditions. The outsole ensures secure footing on a variety of terrains while multi-directional lugs anchor you to the ground for securing steps. The rubber construction of the outsole provides longevity to the Icepack 2 Boots as rubber resist basic wear and tear in high-risk areas, ensuring the outsole will keep its shape for longer.
What Matters Most
"From our very first custom made hiking boots to our latest product innovations, we make all of our products with four core values in mind: Comfort, Durability, Design, and Versatility. It's all about removing the barriers to enjoying the great outdoors."
"We believe that doing what you love should feel good, both mentally and physically. Climbing Everest is taxing enough without blisters the size of pancakes on your feet. We make our products to fit as comfortably as possible."
"Merrell gear is made to look right, feel right and perform right. Our beauty is not only skin-deep. We go to great lengths to ensure that form, feel and functionality all come together seamlessly."
"Merrell stands for durable, high-performance products that last. Like Stonehenge last. Like mummified King Tut last. We build our gear to hold up in the harshest conditions, over, and over again."
"These boots were made for walking and running, and hiking and climbing mountains, or just sitting around, really. Merrell fits a wide variety of people, for a wide variety of adventures. We're about groundbreaking multi-sport technology."
Waterproof Suede Leather Upper – Keeps feet dry and comfortable.
Seam Sealed Constuction – Block all moisture from entering the boots.
Breathable – Unwanted and uncomfortable heat is allowed to escape for a dry, fresh feel.
Protects Feet – Keeps feet protected from the elements as well as loose debris.
Slip On Design – Provides a secure fit and easy on/off.
Bellows Tongue – Keeps out debris.
Fleece Lining And Faux Fur Collar – Provides warmth and comfort.
EVA Midsole And Insole – Gives cushioned comfort and absorbs shock.
Molded Nylon Arch Shank – Supportive and stable.
Merrell Rubber Outsole – Resists basic wear and tear.
Multi-directional Lugs – Provide grip and traction on dry, wet, icy and uneven surfaces.
Weight – 760g.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Type:Walking Boots
Terrain:Light Trail
Shoe Width:B
Brand: Merrell products


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