Womens Court | Mizuno Wave Phantom 2 Indoor Court Shoes Orange, White

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Mizuno Wave Phantom 2 Women's Indoor Court Shoes The superbly aggressive Wave Phantom provides players with the means to make a huge dent in the opponents' defence. AIRmesh upper and synthetic…

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Mizuno Wave Phantom 2 Women's Indoor Court Shoes
The superbly aggressive Wave Phantom provides players with the means to make a huge dent in the opponents' defence. AIRmesh upper and synthetic overlays supply an incredibly stable and breathable frame, while Mizuno Wave technology yields sturdy support for lateral movements and ultimate cushioning in the midfoot, so you can outplay and outmanoeuvre any player that comes your way.
AIRmesh Upper
Using Mizuno's developed technology, the upper mesh is made using AIRmesh. This ultra-lightweight material allows the shoe to maintain a high standard of breathability and comfort in the upper. A steady airflow enters and exits the shoe, which works to keep the feet feeling fresh and cool. Synthetic overlays surround the shoe to create a firm fit; they anchor your foot to the midsole to reduce in-shoe slippage for smooth, distraction-free strides. Durashield protects your toe against toe drag, bumps, and grazes whilst increasing the overall durability of the shoe.
Wave Midsole
Mizuno's wave technology is embedded into the midsole to provide flexibility in one direction and support in the other. The midsole technology works to absorb the shock of heel striking without compromising the comfort or cushioning. Once the shock has been absorbed the energy from that is harnessed and is then transferred to the forefoot to then push you off and guide you onto the next movement. The wave prevents partial deformation and provides dynamic support to stabilise and guide the foot forward. A removable insole provides instep cushioned comfort that can be removed for a customisable fit. A moulded sockliner deliver enhanced comfort adapts to the anatomy of your feet and provides long-lasting, snug comfort from the inside out.
Dynamotion Groove Outsole
Designed to keep you in firm control on courts, the Dynamotion Groove outsole will improve stability and court agility. The shaped lugs and extremely sticky rubber will secure you into place, acting as a solid base to push on from in explosive bursts of pace. It will also help to slow you down when braking and with turning and changes of direction. Mizuno Intercool ventilation channels reside in the sole of the shoe encourage cool air circulation to remove uncomfortable heat and humidity build-up to keep you cool and focused on the game in hand.
About Mizuno
Mizuno was founded in 1906 as Mizuno Brothers Ltd by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo, in Osaka. The shop sold western sundries, including baseballs, and then in 1907 began to sell order-made athletic wear. In 1910 the shop moved to Umeda Shinmichi and its name was changed to Mizuno Shop. In 1913 the firm began to manufacture baseballs and gloves. In 1933 Mizuno presented Star Line, the first Japanese made golf clubs. By 1935 its golf club showroom was the world's largest.
In 1941 the company name was changed to Mizuno Co., Ltd, and has remained the same since. The first American factory was established in Los Angeles, under the denomination American Mizuno in 1961.
Today, Mizuno is a global corporation which makes a wide variety of sports equipment and sportswear, for golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, running, rugby, skiing, cycling, judo, table tennis, badminton, boxing and athletics.
AIRmesh Upper- High standard of breathability for cool comfort.
Synthetic Overlays- Increase durability and provide a firm fit.
Durashield- Protects toes against drag and bumps and increase durability.
Wave Midsole Unique technology for cushioning and stability.
Removable Insole – Anatomically moulded insole for comfort and cushioning.
Molded Sockliner – Adapts to the anatomy of your feet ensuring comfort.
Dynamotion Groove OutsoleImproves court stability and agility.
Mizuno Intercool- Ventilation channels in the sole remove heat build-up and humidity.
Weight- 265 g.
Additional Information
Features:Synthetic Upper
Product Type:Shoes
Shoe Width:B
Brand: Mizuno products


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