Womens Court | adidas Adidas Courtflash Tennis Shoes Legacy Indigo/ White/ Acid Red

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adidas CourtFlash Women's Tennis Shoes These women's adidas tennis shoes complement your vibrant game with an eye-…

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adidas CourtFlash Women's Tennis Shoes
These women's adidas tennis shoes complement your vibrant game with an eye-catching mesh upper that's lightweight for lightning-quick movement. Forefoot overlays guard against abrasion. The EVA midsole cushions every stride while a multicourt outsole keeps you competitive on all surfaces.
Mesh Upper
The further into your game you get, the warmer your feet will feel, and as a result, this will cause there to be a build-up of sweat. The breathable mesh will allow the hot air and sweat produced to escape the shoe, which will then be replaced by cooler air. This will leave you feeling a lot cooler and fresh, which will ultimately improve comfort. Covering the forefoot, there is AdiTUFF, an abrasion resistant material that will protect the shoe from excessive wear. It will also prevent shocks from banging the toe on the ground on serves and other contacts from causing any discomfort to the foot. Around the back, the heel is held in a strong and upright position by thick walls. The laces are easy to tighten and loosen for a perfect fit, while the tongue will lie flat on the foot, ensuring that the tight laces won't cause you any discomfort. The upper has been constructed using recycled materials, making the CourtFlash more environmentally friendly.
EVA Midsole
Supreme comfort, cushioning and protection is provided by the EVA midsole. This multi-layered EVA midsole is extremely firm at the bottom. This will mean that all bumps and shocks are instantly absorbed before they can make their way up the midsole. As well as this, the EVA will cushion the feet. This is because it changes in density towards the top, which will cushion on every step. This means that no matter how long your match lasts, you will always enjoy the same soft feel underfoot. With every step you take, a lot of energy is produced through flexing the sole and causing impacts with the ground. The energy created will be transferred by the reactive material into rebound, which will give you an added spring, which will give you an extra boost.
Rubber Outsole
Using a rubber outsole, this abrasion resistant outsole will up your game by bringing you outstanding control and traction. The rubber is extremely durable, which will protect itself from abuse from below. This means that it won't wear down easily, which will increase the lifespan of the shoe. The rubber is able to create an extremely strong bond with a wide range of surfaces, which will give you more control. Additionally, the grooves are multi-directional, which will anchor your foot in place as you take shots and with other movements.
The adidas Group
Employing more than 55,000 people in over 160 countries, adidas produce more than 778 million product units every year. These numbers alone can easily suggest that the group is quite a complex organisation. adidas keep things simple, lean and fast.
They think you deserve the choice. adidas believes no one should be reduced to just one of many facets and talents. No matter whether you are an athlete looking for the best equipment, or a fashionista searching for the next trend, or both – they want to engage with you in a long-lasting relationship. The multi-brand strategy enables them to do just that because it allows them to tackle opportunities from several perspectives, as both a mass and a niche player, always providing distinct and relevant products. In this way, their brands and their sub-brands all keep their unique identity.
Mesh Upper – Air can enter and exit the shoe with ease, keeping your feet feeling fresh.
AdiTUFF – Thicker material that improves the shoes strength as well as offering protection.
Heel Walls -The heel is held in a firm and upright position.
Secure Lacing – Easy to tighten and loosen the shoes laces.
Flat-Lying Tongue – Lies flat on the foot for comfort.
EVA Midsole – Shocks are absorbed, preventing them from reaching the foot.
Cushioned – The EVA towards the top of the midsole is cushioned.
Energy Return – Energy produced from running is returned, giving you an added spring in your step.
Rubber Outsole – Durable and anti-abrasion outsole.
Multi-Directional Grooves – Dig into the ground, anchoring the foot into place.
Additional Information
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Shoe Width:B
Brand: Adidas products


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